Our Story

Our Story (Anna Wood & Karen Lindsey)

Our Story (Anna Wood & Karen Lindsey)

To cover our story, at the beginning of 2012, Karen Lindsey set out to find the perfect vet for her ‘perfect’ (16 year old) little boy, Douglas the Westie.  Perfection, to her, came in the guise of Anna Wood from Vets2You.

Karen identified that the ‘in home’ service offered by Anna was exactly what she had been searching for and after meeting, she instinctively knew that Anna was going to play an important and vital role in Douglas’s care through his final days.

On May 17th 2012, Anna expertly and kindly put Douglas to sleep.  It was a very sad moment in time but it was also the most perfect end for the most perfect companion.

During the many conversations Karen and Anna held during his three month care, Anna explained that although she already provided this service she wished to inform many more people that compassionate in-home end of life care was an option that existed.

As a thank you for the kindness that Anna showed Douglas, and in turn the profound effect that she had on Karen and the positive result this had on her grieving process, Karen decided to offer her help to Anna to ‘spread the word’ and Dignified Departures was created.

For the full account of how Karen met Anna and for Douglas’ story, please see;
‘A Short Story:  A Tribute to Douglas the Westie’.

A Short Story:
A Tribute to Douglas the Westie

Douglas 'and Me' - My Perfect Little Boy

'Are you sure he should have ears that look like this? Didn't the breeder say that he wouldn’t bark?’ I commented whilst peering down onto a pair of somewhat large, pricked up furry ears with one hand holding his tiny frame perched on my lap, the other cupping my ear in a vain attempt to dull the noise of his constant yapping. We had collected our ten week old pup, a bit concerned that we had been duped....

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