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Simon and Monty

Simon and Monty shared their lives contentedly together for 18 years. He was a fit and healthy cat and blessedly remained so throughout his twilight years.

Monty could be described as a cool cat but when in Simon’s company he shared and demonstrated his engaging warmth by being affectionate, loyal and extremely talkative! As of many felines, he was a ‘one man’ cat and as of many cat owners, Simon was a ‘one cat’ man.

When the time came

Monty’s general well-being had deteriorated. He slept a great deal, he lost weight but he still enjoyed his 5* tasty meals that Simon readily gave him. However, after carefully monitoring his quality of life, he called Anna (Wood) to come to the home to provide her professional opinion.

Anna examined him in the bedroom where he was sleeping and identified that his body was sadly shutting down with age and it was time to say goodbye. After a heart-breaking half an hour or so discussion with Anna, all the while Monty sleeping on his cushion underneath the bed, Simon very sadly agreed that it was, indeed, Monty’s time.

After cuddles, strokes and with love filling the room, Anna gently gave Monty a sedative whilst he was still sleeping on his favourite cushion. He gentle drifted off into a deep sleep and then when the time was right, Anna compassionately gave him his final injection. Monty had been put to sleep in the comfort of the home, without time restraint and pain/stress free.

Simon says…

‘I knew this time was coming and had been anticipating the moment for many months. Although I accepted that Monty’s passing was part of living, my only desire was that he should experience a kind and pain-free end to his beautiful life. In short, Monty’s passing was perfect. The fact that he was surrounded by love, comfortable on his own bed and didn’t experience any distress was the most perfect end for the most perfect of companions. Having experienced a compassionate euthanasia where he received a sedative to induce an even deeper sleep only to be then given his final injection when we was so deep in sleep for him not to notice, surely has to be the most kindest of gifts. I have been able to move forward through my grief, I still have my moments of course, but knowing that I gave him the most loving end to his life is undoubtedly helping me through this most challenging time.’