End of Life Care

End of Life Care – within the home 

End of life care within the home, we believe, has many benefits for both the pet and the pet owner.

It is important to have compassionate support and guidance through this difficult time by your veterinary surgeon who can assist you in making the right decision for your pet at the right time.

A veterinary professional can provide important, dedicated support and care to pets who have incurable diseases or are at the natural end of life.

End of life veterinary care focuses on relieving and preventing suffering and improving/monitoring quality of life which includes pain management, ensuring adequate hydration and hygiene, addressing mobility concerns and guidance on environmental enrichments, happiness and mental stimulation.

Whilst for the pet owner the veterinary professional can provide empathetic support and guidance through this final phase of the pet’s life by providing advice on quality of life assessment and quality of life goals at a time when pet owners can feel overwhelmed, confused and experience the helpless feeling of being ‘out of control’.  Our experience has suggested that by assisting a pet owner to monitor a pet’s wellbeing whilst under the close supervision of a veterinary professional, can help to empower and maintain the precious bond forged between pet and pet owner. Pet owners have reported to be more prepared and are more likely to make the right decision at the right time.

And, when that time does come… providing the option of a gentle, stress-free euthanasia.