Our directory contains veterinary surgeons who have an interest in the area of veterinary end of life care and will be ready to support and guide you through this difficult time. They each provide in-home end of life veterinary care and peaceful euthanasia. If you don’t see a veterinary practice listed in your area, please do talk to your local veterinary practice as many will provide a compassionate home visit on request

Important Notice:

If your pet requires veterinary assistance, please contact, without delay, your existing veterinary surgery or a practice featured below. Dignified Departures is an information website and, unfortunately, can not provide individuals with veterinary advice or details of other veterinary practices that do not feature within the Dignified Departures directory.


If you are a veterinary practice that offers in-home end of life care and peaceful euthanasia for pets and would like to feature within our Directory, please email


The veterinary practices listed above provide compassionate in-home end of life pet care and dignified euthanasia. Each veterinary surgeon is registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and holds appropriate insurance. Although the Vets have confirmed their compliance, Dignified Departures cannot be held responsible for their conduct or any act of negligence. The exact euthanasia protocol used will depend on the veterinary surgeon’s preference, the pet’s physical condition and the wishes of the family.